About Us

Not just a bunch of hairy primates!

Coolgorilla is the brand name given to the apps developed and published by iDev Entertainment Limited. We've been developing apps since 2006 and during that time have been lucky enough to clock up a few notable achievements including having 4 Top 25 apps simultaneously!

World Cup

May '06 - 2006 World Cup Guide for iPod

Coolgorilla release "World Cup Guide". A comprehensive guide to the FIFA World Cup the guide received over 100,000 downloads and was featured on the front page of Apple.com. The guide was sponsored by Victor Chandler bookmakers.

iPod Phrasebooks

June '06 - Talking Phrasebooks for iPod

Coolgorilla release the world's first Talking Phrasebooks for iPods to much acclaim. Sponsored by lastminute.com the phrasebooks were available to download completely free of charge (before the term "freemium was even invented"!)

Nokia Phrasebooks

April '07 - Talking Phrasebooks for Nokia and Samsung

Coolgorilla release their Talking Phrasebooks for Nokia and Samsung phones. Apps feature at Mobile World Congress.

App Store

Aug '08 - 4 x Top 25 Apps on the App Store

Coolgorilla feature on the App Store from day 1 with 4 Talking Phrasebooks each of which charted in the Top 25 most popular free apps and collectively reach over 1 million downloads within days.

Dorling Kindersley Travel Guides

May '09 - Dorling Kindersley Travel Guides for iPhone

Coolgorilla team up with Pearsons and Dorling Kindersley to develop ten travel guides for iPhone and iPod Touch.


Aug '10 - FIAT Sponsor Talking Italian Phrasebook

FIAT and Meredith choose Coolgorilla's Talking Italian Phrasebook to help promote the forthcoming FIAT 500 in the USA.

App Mate

Aug '11 - Coolgorilla Launch APPMATE

Coolgorilla launch AppMate, an easy-to-use system that allows anyone to build their own travel and leisure guides and publish to iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry

iPhone Apps

Example Phrases

  • French: Où est le meilleur restaurant de cuisine locale?

    English: Where is the best restaurant for local cuisine?

  • German: Was würden Sie unternehmen, wenn Sie nur einen Tag hier wären?

    English: If you were here for only one day what would you do?

  • Italian: Esiste una specialità locale?

    English: Is there a local speciality?

  • Dutch: Ik ben bij mijn moeder op bezoek, ze werkt in de roze buurt.

    English: I am here visiting my mother, she works in the red light district.