Do the phrasebooks work offline?

Yes! All of Coolgorilla's Talking Phrasebooks work offline! You can even use the phrasebooks whilst your device is switched to "Airplane" mode. The sound recordings are embedded into the application and so there is no need to have an internet connection for the phrasebooks to function as intended.

Why is it important that the phrasebooks work offline?

If you are using your mobile device whist travelling abroad you will generally pay much more for any data your download. So, other phrasebooks that require an internet connection may end up costing you an arm and a leg, not to mention being utter useless if you don't have a signal!

I can't hear anything!!!

Ah! So you have your volume turned down eh? Sneaky! Please make sure you device isn't in silent mode and your volume is turned all the way up! If you still can't hear anything it means that you have the music volume on your device turned down. To rectify this, tap the speaker icon to play one of the phrase and nudge the volume of your device up at the same time (there are essentially two volume controls, one for the ringer and one for media and both need to be turned up).

When will you be releasing Android versions of your phrasebooks?

Our Talking Phrasebooks for android will be available in early 2013.

Do you provide app development services?

Yes! iDev Entertainment Limited, our parent company, provides development services to everyone from large multinational organisations to start-up companys. If you are looking for iPhone or Android developers please give us a call. We don't work for peanuts (since we're Gorillas and we eat bananas) so, if you only have peanuts, please find some monkeys to do your work for you instead.

Our organisaton would like to advertise within one of the phrasebooks.

Great! We've worked with a few different brands over the years including FIAT and Lastminute.com. To discuss your requirements and to see how we can help achieve your objectives please give us a call.

iPhone Apps

Example Phrases

  • French: Où est le meilleur restaurant de cuisine locale?

    English: Where is the best restaurant for local cuisine?

  • German: Was würden Sie unternehmen, wenn Sie nur einen Tag hier wären?

    English: If you were here for only one day what would you do?

  • Italian: Esiste una specialità locale?

    English: Is there a local speciality?

  • Dutch: Ik ben bij mijn moeder op bezoek, ze werkt in de roze buurt.

    English: I am here visiting my mother, she works in the red light district.